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How Tankless Water Heaters in Pleasanton, CA, Improve the Way You Bathe

If you’re using a traditional tank-filling water heater, you’re wasting tons of energy every year. Why? Because your system still uses power to keep dozens of gallons warm — even when you’re not using them. What’s more, that tank has its limits. If you use too much hot water in a short period of time, you may find your relaxing bath turned into a chilling challenge.

It’s no wonder, then, that many households opt for more modern tankless water heaters in Pleasanton, CA. Also known as “on-demand” heaters, they trade out storage for warming your water only when you need it. Over the course of an average year, that can translate into huge savings. Plus, the right model makes sure that every time you settle into your bath, you enjoy relaxing heat — even if someone else took a shower recently.

Live Life on Your Terms

A tankless water heater puts comfort at your fingertips. There’s no more waiting for the tank to fill and putting off your bath to avoid lukewarm water. Every time you open a faucet, you can count on a continuous stream of evenly-heated water to soak in at your leisure. That’s a game-changer in busy households where multiple people need to get ready for the day quickly, or all want to unwind at night.

In short, it’s all about control. You don’t have to live your life around the limitations of your water heater. And neither do your guests and loved ones. That makes tankless water heaters in Pleasanton, CA,  a worthwhile investment — one that can help pay for itself over time in the form of lower energy bills.

A Bevy of Benefits

Depending on the unit you install, tankless heaters in Pleasanton, CA, might also come with a range of other practical advantages. They don’t need the space that a tank takes up, for example, so you may be able to free up a storage area. Since they mount on the wall, they’re also easy to clean and navigate around. At Harris Water Heaters, we’re familiar with these and other benefits that our customers enjoy after investing in tankless systems. Reach out to us to learn more reasons to make the switch.