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Do You Need Water Heater Repair in San Ramon, CA?


The idea of stepping into your shower and being greeted by a blast of cold water is enough to make anyone shiver. Hot water isn’t just a modern convenience — it’s essential to our way of life, from bathing to washing dishes, to doing laundry. By taking a proactive approach to your water heater maintenance, you can ensure you’re never left without hot water. Keep an eye (and ear!) out for these three signs your heater requires water heater repair in San Ramon, CA.

Dripping or Leaking Water

If water is pooling on the floor or visibly dripping from a pipe, this could mean that your temperature and pressure (T&P) valve is malfunctioning. While a slow and steady drip from this value is perfectly normal, if there is a more constant flow, this could indicate a serious problem that requires immediate water heater repair in San Ramon, CA, from trained professionals.

Visual Corrosion

Corrosion appearing around the pipe fittings is an indication that water is seeping through areas that would normally be sealed. Often referred to as a “slow leak,” your water heater should be able to continue performing for a while, but eventually it will fail altogether if this leak isn’t corrected.

Loud Popping Sounds

If you periodically hear a loud popping sound coming from your heater, this could indicate a failure is on the horizon. This sound is caused by the minerals contained within hard water, which accumulate into a honeycomb-like sludge that settles directly above the heating element. Water trapped in this honeycomb becomes superheated, expanding rapidly and blowing out of the honeycomb, causing the popping sounds.

Eventually, the hard water honeycombs will create extra stress on your tank, which will cause leaks to appear, thus necessitating water heater repair in San Ramon, CA. This is also a good sign that you need to invest in a water softener.